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 Outdoor Family Fun

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PostSubject: Outdoor Family Fun   Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:52 am

CAMPING is great for family time. You get away from the time hogs of ringing phones and texting, computer and internet, cable television, and gaming consoles.

Camping, if done mindfully, can be low-cost. If you stay away from National Chains (like KOA, which I love) then you find camping affordable. Chains will run you about $40 a night.

Most cities have rivers where camping is free. State parks and local campsites usually have sites with and without electric and water, as well as a bath house.
Sites without water/electric will run about $10 a night. While sites with water/electric run about $15 a night. Most campgrounds come equipped with grills, tables, and a fire ring.

So, for between $20 & $30, you can spend a 2 nights.
Bring food and commodities that you have at home already. You might only have to purchase charcoal and lighter fluid. Take along an extention cord and lamp from home for lighting.

We love camping and enjoy getting out of the house whenever possible. We usually camp from Spring (when night temps are above 60 degrees) all the way until winter before the cold sets in.
However, not only can we not afford to go every weekend, but the packing and unpacking for a family of 7 is to much for me to do every weekend.

Last year we were sufferring from cabin fever badly but had no money for site fees.
One Friday after school I sent the kids to put up the tents in our back yard. We moved our grill around back along with the dining table and chairs. Thus began our alternate weekend FREE camping.


#1, Set the rules.
Our rules are:
-Inside is for bathroom & shower use, gathering items required, and cooking when not using the grill. Noone is allowed inside without permission unless going potty.

-Video games, laptops, cell phones are not allowed outside unless we agree to allow everyone personal free time.



-For $20 you can get an outdoor set for the yard that includes Tennis, Badmitton?, Darts, Volleyball, Soccor ball, horseshoes and a few more that I can not recall.

-Grab some towels and run down to the local lake, pond or pool for a swim.
Pack the poles for some fishing while your out.

-Have a nature scavenger hunt, bring puzzle and color books.

-Let the kids have some free time to play their handhelds or text, as long as they are out with the family.

-Board games.

**(Our fave for day and night!) - I buy the party size candy bag that has toys and treats. Have the whole family play.

-Mother, May I? (Treat Winner)
-Red light, Green light.(Treat Winner)
-True or False (**Rules at bottom)
-Mother Knows Best. (**Rules Below)


-Early evening is the best time to take care of dinner.
-Make a small fire, gather round and roast marshmallows.

Movie Time:
-Break out the lounge chairs, sleeping bags, or layout blankets.
Bring the television and a movie or two for the family outside. (Yes, outside.)
Run your extention cord right out to your television. (Must be good and dark though)

Now gather round and have some laughs....or frights, whatever your love is.

Try it and be sure to share your activites, tips and tricks.


Line up family like Mother, May I?
Ask questions that require and True or False answer and see if you can bluff your family into believing you!
If they are right, toss them a treat.
(With a twist: Correct answers are allowed to take 1 step, take a bunny hop, etc. Then reward winner with a treat.)

Mother knows best:

Either line up or sit in a circle. (Great campfire game!)

Ask questions that your child should know, based on their age, maturity level. Right answers receive a treat. This is a great learning game that is fun.

Questions we ask:

-What room in the house do we go to when there is danger of a tornado or hurricane?
-What is the proper way to cross a street?
-Why is school important?
-Give me the best exits from your bedroom in case of fire?
-What is moms full name? Phone number?

Multiple choice are good for younger kids:

When a stranger pulls close by and offers you ? (candy, ride, pet) You should:
a)Accept and say Thank you.
b)Say no thank you and wait for them to leave
c)Yell NO and run for help.

If you are lost in the store, you should:
a)Sit down and stay there.
b)Go play in the toys
c)Find a person with a store uniform on to help you?
d)Ask the nearest stranger for help?

You get the idea. Reward correct answers. Explain wrong answers and ask again later in the game.

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Outdoor Family Fun
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