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 Solve the Mystery-Quick Family Snack

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PostSubject: Re: Solve the Mystery-Quick Family Snack   Wed Feb 10, 2010 4:56 pm

I think you are on the right track Flipper!!!
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PostSubject: Solve the Mystery- Quicki Family Snack   Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:27 pm

The clues are all about items that can either hold things or be filled. In the case of the shirts, they are full when he wears each of them. The toilet paper roll holds paper on the outside, while the cup holds drink on the inside. Some of the clues are empty- such as the shirt in the closet, the toilet paper roll, and the empty paper lunch bag- are not currently holding anything, and are empty like the bowl that is empty. The other three-- the shirt he is wearing, the cup he is drinking tea from, and the socks he is wearing, are full like the bowl of chips that is full. So if they pick the items that are full, they get the full bowl. While if they pick the clues that are empty, they get the empty bowl. At least, that is what I am thinking.

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Join date : 2009-12-01
Age : 56

PostSubject: Solve the Mystery-Quick Family Snack   Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:18 pm

Duffus loved potato chips almost as much as he loved his tea. The problem was when he had large family gatherings, all the kids would devour his snacks before he could. His marble game worked for a while, but his trick was soon found out. So, Duffus came up with another way to keep the snacks for himself and yet make it seem as though he wasn't the greedy snack hog he was. Duffus took two large bowls, one wood and one plastic, and placed them up high so that the kids couldn't see the contents.

He then said, "One is full and the other is empty. You get whatever is in the bowl you pick. You can pick only once, but you must decipher my clues and explain to me which bowl you think has the chips and why.

He then gave them these clues:

1. The polyester shirt I'm wearing.
2. A cotton shirt in my closet.
3. A hollow cardboard toilet paper roll.
4. This plastic cup I'm drinking my tea from.
5. The acrylic socks I'm wearing.
6. An empty paper lunch bag.

What do the clues have in common with each other and the bowls?

Which items are full & which are empty?


All the kids were stumped except one young girl who gave the correct answer.
The items made from synthetic materials (polyester, plastic, acrylic) all have something in them. The items made from natural materials (cotton, cardboard, paper) are all empty. Therefore the plastic bowl (being synthetic) has the chips and the wood bowl (being natural) is empty. Duffus had to hand over the chips and again was left plotting another snack game.

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PostSubject: Re: Solve the Mystery-Quick Family Snack   

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Solve the Mystery-Quick Family Snack
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