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 Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1

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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 43

PostSubject: Re: Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1   Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:05 am


I chose Indoor since it's cooler. (lol)

We have a round table like the ones you (or 2 ppl) sit at while having a drink at the restaurant bar.

I took it into my bedroom and clothed it with a deep burgandy cloth. I dimmed the room light, and lit some gold candles.
My husband brought me by a chicken blt salad and breadsticks from town. I put the salad on a dinner plate, and wrapped the breadsticks in a breadcloth and placed inside my bread basket.

I pulled out my best wine glass, filled with my mixture of cranberry juice and sprite.

I decided against music and opted for the sounds of nature which set the atmosphere of having a waterfall in the background, soothing and peaceful. (I used the waterfall screensaver on our tv for visual.)

What I wore:

I did my hair, make up, the whole nine yards....which my kids thought was really nuts of me when I answered that I wasn't going anywhere. lol.

I wore my red party dress, accented with black jewelry and black heels.

It was great. I felt great, looked great, and enjoyed the pampering of myself. School is out, kids are home all the time now, so the quiet time to myself was much appreciated.

I threatened the kids if they dared knock on my door or cause me to come out because of nonsense, and locked my door. lol

(For those who don't know, my kids are not young ones and don't require supervision every second like little ones do.)

I hate that it took me so long. The point is to do something for ourselves at least once a week but I just had trouble making time...which is no excuse. If we don't MAKE the time then we will never have the time.
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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 43

PostSubject: Re: Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1   Thu May 27, 2010 12:32 pm

Now that summer is here and I'm babysitting, I'm trying to adapt to a schedule. So I was unable to do my activity yet. I think I will have to double up to get mine done.
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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 43

PostSubject: Re: Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1   Fri May 21, 2010 11:00 pm

I am so proud of you! Great job!
I can't wait to do mine. Monday, I think.

Who's next? Scarlet? Flipper?

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Join date : 2009-12-01
Age : 56

PostSubject: Re: Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1   Fri May 21, 2010 9:45 pm

Ok. I did get to have some me time yesterday afternoon. I chose the outdoor one. I have a glass patio table and chairs out there. So what I did was take my Ivory table clothe and put it on there. I had an Hawaiian themed anniversary party about four years ago and I still had the table candles from that so I used those.

I put on a black dress, sleeveless, it was kinda warm out, and some cute gold sandals and my gold and black onyx jewelry.

I had a salad with chicken and fruit on it. A bread stick. I love bread sticks with salad.

I had a glass of Mad Housewife Wine-White Zinfandel. That's right it's actually called that. My husband got it from one of his clients about a month or so back. Well maybe more like two months when I think about it. It tasted really good. I was impressed. I used a Romanian Crystal wine glass to drink out of, my favorite.

I took the portable DVD player out and listened to some oldies. And it hit me I hadn't sat and listened to any of my oldies but goodies in a while.

I just relaxed and enjoyed the yard and the music. My veggies are doing great and the perennials are all up.The grass was freshly cut.( I just need to put in a few snapdragons and Im done.) My backyard has the most peaceful atmosphere about it. The monarchs are out and the birds are busy.

I really felt good afterwards, me time is precious to me.

So I guess your wondering where hubby was while I spent some time to myself huh? Well. He was off doing a couple of odd jobs for my brother which gave me just enough time for me. And it was very much needed time indeed.

Sorry CB. Barney had to take a hike just for a wee bit yesterday. But he's back now.
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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 43

PostSubject: Re: Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1   Tue May 18, 2010 11:29 am

Uh oh. You may have to have something taken out a bit until you lose the Barney. lol
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Join date : 2009-12-01
Age : 56

PostSubject: Re: Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1   Tue May 18, 2010 9:56 am

Yes. I love me time. I need it to keep my sanity.

When I don't get to have it I get very irritable. And that's not a good thing for the family around me.

So it's going to be a challenge for me right now since my hubby was laid off. But I will give it my best shot.

Oh and CB how am I supposed to fit into my cute clothes in this Barny outfit?
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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 43

PostSubject: Me Time, W1   Tue May 18, 2010 9:25 am

Me Time, W1, Activity One

You will need:
-Soft music cd, or radio

You will choose:
A.) INDOORS -Your dining table, adorning your most beautiful table cloth. (If you have none then find a beautiful sheet, curtain, or throw blanket to use instead.

B.) OUTDOORS -Whether it's a picnic table or patio table, same rules apply for table cloth. Move your table so that you have a calm feeling such as a shady spot or near your flower garden.
-If you had rather been outdoors but have no outdoor table then put down a blanket and do it picnic style. You can also bring out a small reading or end table, even a night stand will work. Just cover it will something fancy, elegant, bright, or beautiful.

1) Choose the meal that you eat alone. (For me, lunch, since everyone is at work and school.)
-Plan to make something special for yourself. (Soup and sandwich, Specialty salad, etc.)
-Have on hand your favorite wine, cocktail or drink creation of your own complete with wine or fancy glass.

2) Dress Code:
- Dress, skirts, or dress suit.
-Slacks and blouse
-Perfect time to pull out that little black dress. (Or something similar.)
-Don't forget your hair and make up!!

****No Jeans, Tshirts, flip flops, house shoes, tennis shoes, robes, pajamas, etc.

3) Prepare your meal and your table.
-Have table set including lit candles and soft music nearby.
-Place meal and beverage on table.

4) Give yourself one last glance in the mirror. Freshen up as needed.

5) Spend at least the next 30 minutes enjoying your meal and peaceful surroundings.
**Remember that it doesn't have to be a special occasion to use your best dishes and accessories. It doesn't have to be an evening out to dress up and treat yourself like someone special. Lastly, you don't need anyone else in order to be special and treated like a queen. As you have just seen through this activity, all you need is the time for you!

-Once a week a 'Me Time' activity will be posted.
You can do this any day you choose within the current week.

Each activity will have it's own thread which will contain:
-The Activity
-Any questions or comments
-Your pamper report containing (In this instance, for example:)
-Indoor/Outdoor setting?
-Meal chosen?
-Dress attire worn?
-Did you use everything required; candles, music, wine glass, tablecloth?
-How did you feel during your lunch? And after?
-How likely are you to do this again on your own?

I hope I didn't miss anything. Feel free to list any questions you may have.

Enjoy yourself and list your Pamper Report to share with others. That's very important.
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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 43

PostSubject: Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1   Tue May 18, 2010 8:11 am

Once a week I will post a "Me Time" activity that you are to use to pamper yourself. When you are taken care of then you feel better and do a far better job of taking care of other people and other matters. As women we tend to always put all else before ourselves. That's not good for us.

I will be posting activities that require little or no cost at all. Nearly everything that will cost something can be purchased at your nearest Dollar Tree or other Dollar Stores.

Things you may want to start picking up to keep on hand for "Me Time" activities:

-Bath Salts
(You can make your own with Epsom salt and your favorite fragrance. You can also buy them cheap at dollar stores.)

-Bubble Bath
(Makes no difference if it's Mr.Bubble or your own favorite. What ever you can afford.)

(I prefer scented candles and when I'm budgetting can find some decent ones at the dollar tree store)

-Lavendar, Eucalyptus oils.
(Some people keep these around their homes already. Don't run out and buy it, could be expensive.)(OPTIONAL)

-Manicure Set:
-Nail file
-Nail clippers
-Cuticle softener (or any lotion)
-Nail polish
-Fake nails (if you don't have natural nails to show off)
-Super glue

-Facial Kit:
-Your regular face cleaner.
-Exfoliating scrub
-Toner (If you can not afford, I will tell you how to use ice instead.)
-Tweezers, razor or wax (eyebrows)

Feet Care:
-Foot scrub (use one with what I call "grit" to really exfoliate the feet.)
-Foot brush or file
-Baby oil or Dry skin lotion
-Socks (one pair to use for this purpose only)

-Hot oil treatment (Or your favorite deep conditioner.)
(Some ppl swear by mayonaise, beer, olive oil and other home products. Use what you like.)
-Hair color (if used)

-Baby oil or baby oil gels or lotions (baby section)
-Razors, shaving cream or Nair lotions

-Dollar Tree always has relaxations cd's of various types. (Instrumental music, birds, waterfalls, ocean sounds, fireplace sounds, rain and thunderstorms, outdoor summer night sounds, etc.)
-Meditation, yoga or other inspirational audio
-Post it notes, index cards or something similar
-Bright colored marker, sharpie or pen

-Favorite herbal or hot teas
-Lemonade (reg or pink)
-Favorite coffee drinks, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, etc.
-Favorite wine, cocktail, or your own drink creation
-Pick your own desire:
-cheese and crackers
-carrot or celery sticks
(Just choose a special treat for yourself that you love and maybe don't get to have very often.)

Every now and then pick up a special treat for yourself in the line of hobby activities.
-Scrapbook embellishments or accessories
-New book
-Grow something new in your garden
-Puzzles or puzzle books
- Drawing paper, crayons, colored pencils
I think you get the idea.

We'll be adding to the list, I'm sure. Feel free to remind me of anything I have forgotten.

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PostSubject: Re: Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1   

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Me Time, Wk 1 Activity 1
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