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 Kids!!!Just not my week!

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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 44

PostSubject: Re: Kids!!!Just not my week!   Sun Apr 25, 2010 7:45 am

Thanks you guys! This week HAS to be better cause I don't think I can take another one like last.


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Join date : 2009-12-01
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PostSubject: Re: Kids!!!Just not my week!   Sun Apr 25, 2010 7:05 am

I ditto your thoughts Scarlet. Im so sorry you are having to go through this CB. Hopefully things will calm down real quick. Also sorry I haven't been on much. Im dealing with some tough issues right now. When it rained it bypassed pours and stormed.
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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 44

PostSubject: Re: Kids!!!Just not my week!   Sat Apr 24, 2010 8:04 pm

At the time I had not thought of blocking it, I was too aggravated I guess. Someone did mention that to me yesterday and I was about to look up how to do it but the truth is that she could just use someone else's phone and this could be an ongoing thing. I just didn't bother with it. If it comes up again then I will remember the blocking option. So far, she has not called here since. I have been keeping the phones in my lock box at night and alternately hiding them between the dryer and in my pockets (when I'm using the dryer). That is one place my teenage son will never open..the dryer. lol

Corey, later that morning, finally decided that I was right and she was not what he needed after all. That was such great news.

For now, all is calm and will hopefully remain so.

About kids and FaceBook. I know what you mean about the adults but suddenly I am feeling that children should not have one, not because of adults but because there are to many problems with children involving FaceBook. On the other hand, that would not be fair to those who can behave themselves. I am considering pulling the plug on my end. I have K9 blocker, it's a free service to help protect our children from the internet. It's great, I love it. Originally FB was blocked but I allowed it since they had accounts and figured no harm would be done. (LOL LOL LOL)

I may be putting an end to FB in this house, at least for those who can not handle the privilege.


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Join date : 2009-11-30
Age : 39

PostSubject: Re: Kids!!!Just not my week!   Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:48 am

Aww I'm sorry that you're going through such a tough week.

On the Facebook thing, I personally think that kids shouldn't be allowed to have an account but only because there are a lot of adults there and well, you never know what kind of people are out there. lol

This girl, though, sounds like she doesn't have all her marbles in one place and I understand what you mean about her mom. It's a common fault among some parents here, too. Like if their child doesn't do well in school, they'll blame the teacher and not even consider that it might be their child's fault for not putting in the effort, etc.

I wonder-for the cell phone issue, can you block the number? That may be the only way this girl doesn't call again and perhaps her parents can do the same thing. It's either that or keeping guard on cell phones at all times and that's just ridiculous.
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Join date : 2009-11-26
Age : 44

PostSubject: Kids!!!Just not my week!   Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:30 am

My son, the one who was hospitalized before, has been "seeing" this girl that he met on Facebook.

We live in Arkansas and she lives in Wisconsin. About once a week he ends up crying and all upset because she has broken up with him. Yesterday he was really upset and even threatened to kill himself. She kept calling, dragging it on. My son went to his best friends and I called the little girl and told her not to ever call here again. She said it was Corey calling her all the time and that they were never going out anyway, that he just thought they were.

I ask her why she tells guys she loves them then, if she's not 'going out' with them. She denied this until I read some text messages to her. Then she retreated and said that she told Corey that she had to think about them staying together and that she would call him later. I told her that their minds had been made up for them and that she was never to call here again.

She hung up on me. I said what I needed to so it was fine. Then she called back yelling at me, hard to understand gibberish. Not once did she call back. No, she called back 8 times in the span of 7 minutes. I told her after call 3 that I was tracing the calls and would press charges if she continued. She said, "You live in Arkansas and I don't. You can't do anything to me. You don't know anything except my number and my first name."

(I'm not bragging, I stooped to her level after the 3 or 4th time she repeated that I couldn't find her) I replied, "Stupid, stupid child! Don't you know that your number is all I need?" I hung up again. (I know, I'm just awful for saying that. I didn't mean that she was stupid really. I just meant that in that aspect she was clueless, thinking I couldn't find her...either way, that haunted me all night and still apparently.)

After the 6th call, I looked up her phone number and her city came up. It was a cell so I didn't get an address but city was all I needed. I looked up the local middle school in that city so that I had her city and school.

After the 7th call, I called the cops in her city. With the name of her school and her cell number they were able to pull up her address. They sent officers out.
While on the phone with them, she called again. I didn't answer.
They spoke with her and her parents. They called me back while sitting in her drive, after speaking with them all. The officer asked if I am wanting to press charges. Of course not. I had been threatening her and just wanted her to stop calling. He told them how lucky they were that I would not press charges, (I heard him say.)

That was that. My son comes in and wants to call her and see if she made her mind up. I just ended it with a NO for the night. This morning he hit me with wanting call her at 6:30. I said no and then told him all that had happened.
While I was getting my 9 yr old help with shoes and sweater, he grabbed my cell and was outside. I walked outside once finished and saw him come around the house with the phone. I knew. I asked if he got a hold of her and if he got the desired results.

Her mother took her phone away, cursed him out, and told him never to call again. What does Corey do? He calls back like 3 or 4 times!!!

I call the mother and apologize for him calling and told her I will handle it. She said she should call the cops on my son like I did her daughter.

I told her that would be fine. (Seriously, not smart like.) That would be fair. I DID call on her daughter, which she reminded me 5 times at least. I told her that I would not be offended and that I was not upset with her but that as parents we don't have time for this nonsense from our children. She said that's right...Good bye. She hung up on me.
I have no problems with her calling the law out when he did practically the same thing to her and her daughter did to me. Granted, it was far less times that he called back but once was to many when you have been told not to call back again. He will deserve it if the cops come and I have told him so, and he is prepared for it.

Anyway, she was very rude, which is why I now understand where her daughter gets it. It was just to much. This girl has been told time and again not to call after 8 on school nights and 10 on non school nights. She paid no mind, she called whenever she felt like it. As a matter of fact, the last time I reminded her of the rule was Tuesday night. She called at 10 after 9. I said I would just this once let her talk to him. I took the phone after 5 minutes. She called back for him at 25 after 9!!
She has no respect.

Her parents seem one of those who believe their kids are never at fault. (I'm guessing because of how her mother behaved while I was trying to apologize.)

As for me, I'm no fool. My kids are can't pull much past me. She told me it was Corey calling all the time, and I told her that my phone bill will show all the times her child called, anywhere from 5 to 20 times a day. So, I concluded and said to her that it appears that both of them are doing this.

I do usually know when Corey calls and I have seen him sit there and call 5 times in a row when her voicemail picked up. Since Corey kept calling back once the mother told him not to, I am under no illusion that he has not played his part. They are 12 and 13 yrs old and I do understand somewhat. I was angriest that she kept calling (Cool times after I told her not to call ever again. That's the only reason I called the cops on her...and maybe her challenge that I could never find her had a little something to do with it also.

My child is to blame just as her child. I 'm just venting because I've already had a miserable week, the whole week, minus about 8 hours yesterday. I'm also venting because parents should not be so naive to believe it's always someone else's fault and never their own childs. I'm not saying don't stick up and protect them. But don't protect them from their own negative actions, ignoring them and denying they happened.

You know that when we stand there defending our children, them knowing full well they did this, then we look like real idiots. When there is evidence, accept it. When there is not, talk to your child, find some facts and make your call. If there are no facts, just the word of your child and another, then you know your child well enough to know if that is something they would do and if they would not, then yes believe them, stick up for them.

But protecting them from their mistakes doesn't teach them anything, and it's no wonder that children think adults are stupid. Truth be told, we are, if we believe that our children are angels capable of no wrong doing.

Sorry for my rant. I started to put in steam room but since it started on FaceBook, I thought it might work here.

People tell me that I'm to practical for my own good. Maybe. I'm a realist. I don't believe in fairy tales. I don't pretend people are something they are not or that everything is perfect when it clearly isn't. (Unless I'm escaping from the world for a few. lol)
People often condemn me for being so honest about things, or for not sugar coating things. But it's funny, those same people who condemn me for that are the ones who want to talk to me when they can't work something out or noone else will tell them the truth. Funny, isn't it.

I'm done. I'm gonna close this up and start remembering it's Friday.


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PostSubject: Re: Kids!!!Just not my week!   

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Kids!!!Just not my week!
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