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 Happy Spring Equinox!

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PostSubject: Happy Spring Equinox!   Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:36 am

Hi All! It's Spring! YAY!!! I thought I'd post an excerpt from my upcoming ceremony to mark this lovely occasion.

"The Spring, or Vernal equinox is one of the four major cycles of the year when day and night are equal, time is balanced and light is about to become dominant ... In the agricultural cycle, it is time for planting ... Spiritually, that which has been prayed for and the seeds of intent that have been planted have taken root and are now bursting forth, manifesting into new life and form within us ... Spring Equinox is traditionally the time of celebrating new life and is laden with historical import and myth ... For example: to paraphrase The School of the Seasons, it is widely believed that the divine shows a reflection of the true self in 'the blossoms, the leaves, on the trees, the sprouting of the crops, the mating of birds and the birth of young animals,' one has but to look...

Spring is about opening up, enjoying life and looking to the future. Spring is about unpredictability, change, strength and growth. Your personal life will tend to mimic nature more at this time. If you are paying attention to the cycle of life around you, you may notice that your desires and actions vary with the weather, but will have more of an overall push or surge to transform ... I always think of spring as a time of starts and stops. Of wanting and waiting. I always somehow feel hopeful, yet impatient. I’ve been known to start projects and then get cranky and distracted from completing them in fits of “spring fever” - wanting to do something else. I often hear my inner voice saying I “ought” to be able to… I equate it to the seasonal changes of light and weather...

As I’ve gotten older, I’m tending to practice doing things more in pieces that can fit together and I’m more willing to wait for the outcome ... I know that there will more sunny days ahead, but here, where I live, blossoms that have just opened usually mean more rain to come. So I try to enjoy the brief moments more and just be happy that the sap is moving again after the slower pace of winter."

May you all enjoy the fruits of the season and feel the happiness of new life abounding!
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Happy Spring Equinox!
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