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 Mohala's Locker

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PostSubject: Re: Mohala's Locker   Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:44 am

March 2010 Competion
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PostSubject: Re: Mohala's Locker   Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:49 am

Thank you Trina!!!

Maybe I need to play this game and put myself in a more uplifted mood today (lol)
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PostSubject: Re: Mohala's Locker   Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:26 pm

Mohala stole my heart with the candle theme. I am a lover of of candles, both unique and fragrant. This is the sort of game that I can live in. I think I do live in this game, actually, seems I am always on the hunt for new candles. This would be a very addictive game for me. I could just see myself impatiently awaiting the next game. What an awesome, creative and real life experience for a game. Wonderful!

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PostSubject: Mohala's Locker   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:25 pm

Torche` Flames Of Passion
Developed by Mohala

Game Begins:

Player is indulging in his/her passion for candles, in his/ hers wonderful shop in Italy.


Find the ingredients that you need to create the most unique candles in the world to fill your finicky clients orders as well as other orders.

Players Goal Is To
Search the country to find the unique ingredients that you need to create the world’s most beautiful and wonderful smelling candles to meet your clients demands. Filling one special order is the key to finishing this game.
***Bonus for the player he/she will be able to experience the beauty of his/her creations in the end***

The player is searching the country for specific ingredients to make the perfect candles for each client:
Candycrazy-Her order consists of candles that are fun in appearance but sweet to the smell. Giving her a sense of joy and happiness.

Flipper-Her order consists of candles that remind her of the sea and the beach but not to childish, they must have an adult presence.
Fragrance must be relaxing as well.

Shamashe- Her candles must represent the elements of the earth in presence. The fragrances reminding her of a variety of special places.

Countrybelle- Her candles must be colorful and bright, with a fragrance of flowers from around the world, making her feel like she is in a field of lilies on a beautiful sunny day.

Scarlet-Her order consists of a candles that are conversation starters. Fragrance must be neutral not to offend any ones taste, but able to stimulate her intellectual inner person and bring out the sassy in her.
  Timbo- He doesn’t mind so much the style, just that the color has to be masculine as well as the fragrance. He's also quick to reject an order if he doesn't like the fragrance. (He rearely accepts surprise orders)

Mohala-She has a very special order. She wants the candles to match every room in her house. The fragrances all have to be soft but different for each room. And the candles that she likes to leave burning, but will be unattended, have to be flameless. Yes, flameless.
Player must upgrade shop to fulfill this special order as well as some of the other orders.

Player then must visit the home of each client to get clues to what ingredients they need. All clients do not live in the same cities. (you must travel the country in your company jet to visit their homes)

Player will have an Hidden Object Mini games to complete in the home, to get the clues for the ingredients needed to fill each clients order. As with any hidden object game you are being timed, so be quick to find the objects listed. Once you have found all of the objects, a clue will be given you to where to go to get the ingredients you will need for that particular order. They may be in the same city you are in, and some in other locations..(Hidden object game for Mohala will not be available until all clients and mandatory orders of game are filled first).

Once the player has finished the Hidden Object game in a clients home, the player may then go to the different locations given them, the person there will then tell them what ingredients they need to purchase. Pay close attention to who you talk to because there are ones who like to play jokes and tell people the wrong ingredients. It may take talking to several people to get the right ones.(You won’t know until you try them) If you mix wrong sometimes it can be a pleasant result and sometimes you may get a dreadful odor or color. (PU. Skunk, Cat urine, etc… )You get the picture. Then you have to start all over again putting that fragrance together. So be careful and keep track of what you mix. (Clients will accept some surprises that you create for them but you must have the original order to offer along with them). They are very finicky.

After player has fulfilled all orders for clients other than Mohala, the mini game for Mohala’s home will open up and then he/she will be able to then get the clues they need to start filling the order for Mohala.

In between filling the clients already named in the games order, remember you have to fill other orders that are submitted to you. Some are mandatory and some are optional. The creations you can make in your laboratory are endless. Have fun and create till your hearts content.

End Of Game: The player is now exhausted and his/hers feet and body is hurting like nothing you have ever seen before. All he/she wants to do is relax in a bubble bath and enjoy his/her candles. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY… Remember you have created an abundance of styles and fragrances. You are now the proud creator of the most unique smelling and looking candles in the world!!!! So which passion will you choose to light up your ultimate bubble bath?!!!!

My, I need more candles in here. Hmm... Which ones do I want to use? Stay tuned to see!!!
Sequel coming soon!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Mohala's Locker   

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Mohala's Locker
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