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 Flipper's Locker

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PostSubject: Re: Flipper's Locker   Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:39 am

I really enjoyed reading your game Flipper, I thought you did a really nice job!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Flipper's Locker   Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:05 pm

Flipper, I thought it was so funny that even as the queen I could not sleep. The reason this hits home is that I am the worst sleeper ever! I would love to exhaust myself with this game until I lull myself into a productive nights sleep. This game sounds great. I think this would be a fun game to play. Fabulous job! Let me know if anyone figures out the sleep thing. lol

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PostSubject: Flipper's Locker   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:13 pm

The game I am using is one called Dreamland.

Part of it can be compared to Dream Chronicles. I guess you could say it is based on a few different games. There is one where you make wishes come true and that is probably the closest. The game begins with Scarlet falling asleep and dreaming. While she is dreaming, she finds herself in a town, called Slumberville, where no one has happy dreams. She is wondering why she is seeing this, and starts looking around the town. As she walks the streets, seeing people tossing and turning in their beds, she finds a fairy, named CandyCrazy, who tells her that she, Scarlet can help fix this.

Evil fairies have taken over the dreams of this land. Scarlet asks how this can be, and she is told that she will be given the power to give these people happy dreams. She will be able to grant happy dreams gradually at first, then as people are sleeping better, she will be able to do more. Scarlet is told that she must travel through different towns in this Dreamland, from Slumberville where she is now, to the Dreamland Castle, where even the king and queen (Timbo and Countrybelle) need help sleeping soundly!

As she goes on her way, Scarlet will also be looking for jewels that hold powers. These powers will help chase away the bad dreams that the land has been possessed by for so long. Her successes will give the dream fairies the control they lost when the evil fairies took over. So Scarlet starts on her way to restore happy dreams to this land. She restores happy dreams to each person by clicking on each one as they start having bad dreams. She must do so quickly, as the bad dreams don't stay away for long. She must do so in the order the people start having their bad dreams.

At first, this task will be easy, but as she goes, it will become harder. That is why she needs the jewels. They will grant her more success in making happy dreams happen.

She works her way through the town of Slumberville and at the gates to the next town, Snoozetown, she meets Mohala, a princess who tells her that she must continue on her way, but first must solve a puzzle. This puzzle consists of putting pieces of a puzzle in their correct places. She must turn the dials and figure out what piece goes in which area. The puzzle is shaped like a star, and is challenging, but Scarlet figures it out and is given a wand by the princess that makes it easier to find the jewels.

Scarlet reaches the next town, Snoozetown, and continues to grant happy dreams. She continues like this, hunting jewels, and granting happy dreams, until she reaches the last town, Snorelyville, and finally, to the Dreamland Castle.

As she approaches the castle, Shamashe and Mohala, the castle guards, tell her that she must solve one last puzzle before she can reach the king and queen. This puzzle is that hardest of all. She must break a code that assigns letters to characters in the language of the land. After she has broken the code, she must put the letters in order to produce a magic sentence. That sentence will tell the guards she can pass to the chamber of the king and queen.

Once she has broken the code, a little elf, Flipper, leads Scarlet into the inner chambers of the castle and up to the king and queen. If she succeeds here in giving happy dreams to the king and queen, Scarlet will be considered the ultimate dream giver, and will be made the keeper of dreams. The king and queen are the hardest ones of all, and Scarlet must keep going back and forth between them to restore their happy dreams. And after each one has been given a happy dream, she must solve a puzzle and match the people and things she has seen in this world to each place she has seen it. Only after this task is done, is she granted ultimate success.

The game ends when Scarlet succeeds in her task of restoring happy dreams to all the towns of this land and to the king and queen. The players are guiding Scarlet on her way through the towns and help her in her task of restoring happy dreams and finding jewels. They also help her solve the puzzles.

The players are trying to help her reach the Dreamland Castle and give happy dreams to the king and queen, so the evil fairies will be banished. They help her gain the title of Dream Keeper.

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PostSubject: Re: Flipper's Locker   

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Flipper's Locker
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