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 Scarlet's Locker

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PostSubject: Re: Scarlet's Locker   Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:22 am

I really enjoyed reading your game Scarlet, I thought you did a really nice job!!!!


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PostSubject: Re: Scarlet's Locker   Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:04 pm

Scarlet, what a great story. I love that the game ends with a moral lesson. I thought the puzzles within the game were very creative, and well thought out. Overall, I think you did a very good job and you should indeed send this in to a developer or if you know how to do that sort of thing, you should work on that. Great Job!

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PostSubject: Scarlet's Locker   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:08 pm

Game Name: The Emerald Ring
The game begins with a dark black screen and
then the player sees the playable character.
The player can choose either a male or female character already customed
Background story-The playable character (PC)
is a poor destitute person who grew as an orphan on the streets. He/She makes their way around by doing odd
jobs and stealing when necessary. One
day, there is news in the town-an old 19th century English one at a
time before modern technology was introduced-and rumors about a mysterious
emerald ring. It has powers unimaginable
to mankind. In the hands of good, it can
bring peace and prosperity but in the hands of evil, it can bring chaos and
destruction. The PC is interested about
this emerald ring and thinks about stealing it for him/herself but the risks
are high. As the government has
possession of the ring, it is surrounded by the maximum security. The government does not believe that the ring
has powers but it is under security because of its monetary value.
The PC sighs and right away loses hope of
ever getting the ring, as he/she would use its power for eternal riches and
comfort for him/herself. He bumps into
an old lady who tells him that she is a psychic and knows of the PC’s desire to
get the ring. She makes a bargain-she
will help him get the ring through a series of clues and riddles but in return,
the two share the ring’s power. The PC
agrees and then the lady gives him the first clue.
The PC looks at the clue and figures out that
he/she must go to a certain section of town where only the unruly inhabit and
that it must be under the darkness of night.
So he/she waits until nightfall and makes their way to the destination. There, they meet Flipper who tells them that
the PC will need a spell to elude the guards around the ring. Flipper then tells the PC to gather the
following ingredients to concoct a delusion spell potion. (This is where a hidden object gameplay
happens. The PC must find certain
ingredients.) Once that is done, then
Flipper instructs the PC to mix the ingredients but that in order for the
potion to be powerful, they must be combined quickly and 10 bottles of the
potion must be made in under a particular time limit. (This is where the time management aspect
comes into play.) So the PC follows all
of the instructions and makes the necessary number of bottles. Flipper then takes 5 of those bottles for
herself and then gives the PC the next clue to his/her destination.
After the PC takes the remaining bottles,
he/she looks over the clues and then deciphers that they must go into the
forest and find an old cottage. When the
PC arrives at the cottage, knocks on its door, and the door is opened, he/she
is greeted by Shamashe. The PC explains
why he/she is there and Shamashe agrees to help, explaining that there are a
series of booby traps around the ring.
But Shamashe agrees to help the PC if he/she can find the following
items in the forest. The PC agrees and
steps out into the forest to search for the items. (Hidden object aspect here.) After the PC finds all of the objects, he/she
returns to the cottage and Shamashe takes the ingredients, combining them
together so that they turn into items to fight off booby traps. Shamashe gives the PC the items and then a
note she received from a man once. She
couldn’t make use of it but cryptically says that perhaps the PC could.
The PC leaves the cottage and reads the
note. It advertises an animal breeder
who raises all kinds of magical creatures.
The PC is intrigued and goes to the animal breeder’s place. There, he/she is greeted by Timbo. The PC explains that Shamashe has sent
him/her to Timbo and Timbo nods. He
agrees to give the PC a magical creature which can detect the entrance with the
least amount of security. The PC replies
that he/she doesn’t have any money and Timbo replies that it’s not a problem as
long as the PC does a task for him first.
Timbo asks the PC to gather all the stray animals which escaped from his
captivity. He has to put them in 5
cages. Once this is done, Timbo will
give the PC the magical creature. Timbo
then looks over the PC and gives him a slip of paper with the words to the next
destination. The PC wonders if Timbo
knows exactly what the PC is up to but the PC shrugs it off, hurrying to
complete all of the tasks.
He/She then arrives in front of a small store
which looks like any ordinary dressmaker’s shop. The PC wonders why Timbo would send him/her
there but seeing a dim light, enters. He/She
sees Scarlet and CandyCrazy conversing in hushed tones. They see the PC and Scarlet says that they’re
closed for the night. The PC replies
that Timbo sent him and immediately, both Scarlet and CandyCrazy realize
why. Scarlet replies that the PC wants a
disguise to blend in with the background and they are just the women to
help. CandyCrazy goes off to get her
makeup kit to disguise the PC’s face while Scarlet uses her hands deftly to
create a costume which will allow the PC to blend in with the background. She has a feeling that the PC wants a costume
to blend in with the nighttime so she comes up with the perfect one. After CandyCrazy finishes the makeup and
Scarlet gives him/her the costume, Scarlet tells the PC to change into the
costume when they are ready. CandyCrazy
then gives the PC the clue to the final destination before going to get the
ring but before the PC leaves, he/she asks about payment. Scarlet simply replies that it’s already
taken care of.
Then the PC leaves the shop and takes a look
at the clue. After figuring it out, he
heads on to the final destination, a small house close to where the ring is
being held. Entering, he/she is greeted
by Mohala and Countrybelle. The PC
explains where he was just at and briefly tells of his mission. Countrybelle nods and replies that they have
the final item needed for the PC to make a successful robbery. However, the PC must do something for them
first. Mohala then explains that he/she
must construct 20 magic staffs in a certain amount of time. All the items needed for the construction are
already laid out on the table and the PC simply needs to accomplish this
task. The PC nods and sets off to do the
task at hand. (Time management aspect
Once the PC completes the task, Countrybelle
nods and gives the PC his/her own staff but different from the others that they
just made. It’s a staff with an
incredible amount of power and as long as the user has a strong will, the staff
will obey its master’s commands. There
are no more clues given at this point so the PC leaves.
After the PC finds a place to change into the
costume that Scarlet had given him earlier, he/she then makes his/her way to
where the ring is being held, the location of which was revealed in an old
newspaper clipping. They use all of the
items given to them from the previous tasks.
There are prompts and clues allowing the player to figure out what item(s)
to use. Finally, the PC takes a hold of
the ring and escapes without anyone having seen him/her. Just as they are clear of the place, the old
lady from the beginning suddenly approaches the PC and orders the PC to hand
over the ring, backing out of the agreement.
Flipper, Shamashe, Timbo, CandyCrazy, Scarlet, Mohala, and Countrybelle
surround the PC and reveal that they were in on the plan with the old
lady. The PC is then given two choices:
give the old lady the ring or fight everyone to keep it.
If the PC chooses the first option, then
there are a few ending sequences and you see utter destruction and chaos in the
town and then in neighboring towns, etc.
However, if the PC chooses the second option-the more desirable one,
then you get a sequence of challenges in order to defeat all of them. The challenges include a quiz recalling
things that the player had seen in the game, finding certain items, and then
creating a specific number of potions within a limited amount of time. Once they are completed, the PC then faces
the old lady in an old-fashioned battle.
The PC has three attack moves, a defense option, and magic attacks,
thanks to the staff that Mohala and Countrybelle had given him/her.
Eventually, the PC defeats everyone and then
looks at the ring, deciding whether to use it for him/herself. All that he/she has experienced has changed
them and then the scene turns to black.
But then the player sees an epilogue where the next day, at the police
station, a mysterious box arrives addressed to the police chief. Inside is the emerald ring and then the game
ends, leaving the chief and the surrounding officers wondering about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Scarlet's Locker   

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Scarlet's Locker
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