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 Olympic flame

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PostSubject: Olympic flame   Olympic flame Icon_minitimeSat Feb 13, 2010 10:23 pm

Ok, one more Olympic comment.

After a brillantly orchistrated, flawless opening ceremony, during which many shots of the audience showed great emotion and engagement with the proceedings, why is it that the press is singling out the glitch in the lighting of the flame?

The problem was that several thousand people had been jumping up and down on the pillar for 2+ hours and a wire came loose, not that it hadn't been properly engineered. To infur poor engineering is just plain insulting to the producers of the ceremonies - not exactly the spirt of the games, or the way to treat the host country.

I think that exploting this single issue to make a historical video byte undermines the honor and historical richness that these particular ceremonies were offering to the world.

So to the newscasters et al., who clearly didn't have a lot to comment on other than what the ceremonial events meant, I ask, have you not had "technical difficulties" before? Why couldn't you have kept the spotlight on what was positive instead of jumping on and making something negative out of nothing. In the big picture, did it really help your network ratings or did it produce people remembering the glitch instead of the magnificence. Come on!

To the Canadians - Bravo! and Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Olympic flame   Olympic flame Icon_minitimeSat Feb 13, 2010 10:51 pm

The thing is that happiness and enjoyment are not "newsworthy", as sad as that is. That's not my opinion, of course. It's just the way it has become.

If you have a newscaster has a choice between the shooting on the corner block or the a kind man buying a house for a homeless family....his boss wants him to run with the shooting story. It's pathetic and disheartening but it's true.

It's just the same as television and movies these days. I love watching the old shows, Mash, Green get the picture. Today if you make a movie with no cursing, no sexual references, violence, or drugs....and run it opposite something even incredibly lame but yet it has sex, drugs, and's gonna put the other show off the air.

7th Heaven was probably the longest running show in our time that is the exception. However, not so much so, considering it won an award called, "The best cable show your not watching."

It's too bad. Maybe if we focused more on the good and refused to put the terrible stuff on camera maybe less of it would occur. Maybe not, but it might not have given other people ideas, and show these people being basically idolized on television, I feel that there might have been less of it. But it's to late to go back now. That should have been nipped in the bud a very long time ago.

Anyway, that's my two sense. To me, it seems that the news is just the way to find out what else has gone wrong in the world. (Usually, anyway.) Olympic flame Icon_scratch


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Olympic flame
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