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PostSubject: Woman in the Cocoon   Woman in the Cocoon Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 1:29 pm

I am so glad that I have myrazzles to post this in! Most sites would not understand. I have thoughts in my head and heart that I have just got to let out. Hopefully these words will encourage someone who needs them.

The other night I was watching "Little Miss Perfect" on tv. The girls are so cute as they come out so primped up. I thought watching this type of show was harmless. However, little by little, what I was watching, sickened me. There was a mother and daughter pageant. The mother and daughter pair would compete against other mother's and daughter's. As I watched it became obvious that the mother's were competing against their own daughters as much as anyone else. One mother was bragging about her dress. It cost 5,000 dollars. It was covered with 2,200 crystals. When she was talking her little girl made a statement about her dress must have a million crystals on it. Her mother snapped," Oh no, your dress only has 400 crystals on it! Mine has 2,200!

In this crazy age of plastic surgery, botox, lip fillers, hair extensions and so on we sometimes feel as if we don't measure up. We let our weight, our age, our looks, keep us from our dreams and our purpose for life. Look at some of the most beautiful women on earth. Mother Teresa would boldly march into any camp to help children, irregardless of her own safety. Her face became covered with wrinkles, parched from the sun and the stress of worry. Yet she was one of the most beautiful women to ever live.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful. It's just that some of us use it as a mask or mistake the outside as the true beauty of a woman. The day we realize that our inner strength, our inner power, and our inner spirit is what makes us beautiful, we can finally emerge from our cocoon. A beautiful butterfly. That is when we are truly beautiful. Willing to shine brightly from within! May we all shine forth in 2010! We need it and the world needs it too! I love you all! Candy
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Woman in the Cocoon
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